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Risk Investigative Services

Risk Assessments

Our associated business organisation Risk Investigative Services utilise its licensed risk auditors to carry out risk assessments for you or to your clients premises. The aim of these assessments is to identify key security and safety risks, make key recommendations that if accepted are designed to reduce these risks, plus offer a level of comfort for the occupants at that site.  

A risk is the chance of something happening as a result of a hazard or threat which will directly impact on your client’s safety and welfare. Risks arise out of uncertainty. It is measured in terms of the likelihood of it happening and the consequences if it does happen.

A confidential interview and site inspection by our auditor will be conducted and the information gained is to better understand the risks you or your client faces. Then recommendations are made to eliminate, or at least reduce and manage this security and or safety risks.

A typical assessment nowadays is related to family violence victims in the family home where women are living with heightened anxiety and fear of further physical injury to herself and often her family members.

If requested by yourself the information gained from performing a risk audit can then be used to compile quotations from our preferred suppliers to achieve approved recommendations within this report.

If you require further assistance of more information on our Risk Assessment services, please call us on 1300 644 700

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