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Alarm Monitoring

Any Alarm Condition from your security system is transmitted via your phone line/3G unit/NBN directly to the Control Room. The nominated contact person or security patrol service is then immediately notified to allow for swift and immediate response.

What North East Security Services Monitor

North East Security Alarms is able to monitor an endless variety of alarm types and events and provide a response plan to suit your application. Below are the most common alarm types, if you have something else in mind chances are we will be able to accommodate it with a customised response plan.


Why Choose NESA Monitoring?

North East Security Alarms utilises a 24 hour, Grade A1 monitoring centre, which provides our customers with the very best level of security.

We provide alarm monitoring for homes and businesses of all sizes, from small through to national corporations and the most secure government organisation throughout Metropolitan Melbourne, Regional Victoria or Southern New South Wales.

There are many different reasons our customers choose to be monitored by us

Grade A1 Monitoring Centre

ASIAL operates a well-respected grading scheme for alarm monitoring centres to ensure clients’ security monitoring is not interrupted by anything (fire, flood, technical difficulties, power outages etc.).

Typically, the type of items that are covered in the standard are

The ASIAL scheme seeks to provide customers with the reassurance that the standards applied at a monitoring centre are independently audited on a regular basis.

For further information on how we can assist you to tailor a monitoring solution for you, please call us on 03 57 ALARMS or 1300 644 700

Monitoring Options

Direct Wireless Monitoring

Alarm transmission technologies have evolved in recent years, mobile data networks have changed the way alarms are transmitted and eliminated the need for a fixed phone line. The technology also enables constant polling between your premises and the monitoring centre that verifies the integrity of the connection and ensures your premises is constantly protected. Benefits include;

  • No phone call charges
  • No fixed phone line (PSTN) rentals
  • Fixed monthly fees
  • Increased security through constant polling

North East Security Alarms supports a number of wireless alarm communication products including; Direct Wireless, IR Multipath, and Permaconn.

Dialler Monitoring

Alarm dialler communications requires a standard phone line, or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Each time the alarm system creates and sends a signal to our control room, the relevant call cost will be charged by your telephone service provider.

Alarm systems routinely send signals every day (or week) to test the communication path is intact and also in the event of an alarm. This type of communication setup is most commonly used in low risk residential and small commercial premises.

Please Note: This technology will be phased out when the PSTN lines become obsolete in your area and are replaced with the NBN at your site. (1-2 years)

NBN Monitoring

NBN™ Alarm communications require a connection to the NBN and works in a similar way to dialler monitoring. Advantages of this form of communication to the control room means that if you are transitioning for dialler monitoring that there is no change to your equipment, and communication to the control room remains as it was, but now using NBN.

There are however, some disadvantages

  • Loss of communication to the security control room during power outages. This type of outage occurs because your NBN service connected to the power in your home
  • Lower level of reporting due to high call costs
  • You will continue to be charged for calls that your alarm panel makes. These charges are set by your new provider, and can vary from 30¢-40¢ per call.

Characteristics of a Good Alarm System

Alarm systems are not all designed in the same way, which means that you will need a high quality solution to get the greatest level of security.

A good quality system needs to include

What NESA Will Do For You

If you have alarm monitoring with North East Security Alarms, whenever there is an intrusion, your alarm system will send a signal to our Grade A1, 24/7 monitoring centre and a phone call is made to alert you. Should a response be required, a security patrol is dispatched to your premises immediately.

When you either leave the home or business unattended, your alarm system can act as a watchman over the property and signal the relevant contacts in the event that someone tries to access the property. In many instances, the alarm system company will contact one of these parties directly if the alarm is triggered.

Business Alarm Monitoring

Having an alarm in your home or business, it is recommended that you advertise it with a sign on the front door or on the gates that lead to the property. This is because a criminal will be more likely to pick a home that doesn’t have one of these alarms installed over one that does. What this means is that an alarm might not only be able to prevent an intruder from actually fulfilling their plans once they have entered a business or private property, but it could actually prevent them from entering in the first place.

When quoting insurance premiums, insurance companies tend to weigh risk and this is what they base their final decision on. With this in mind, they tend to lower premiums on home or business insurance when the building has an alarm monitoring system installed. Talk to your insurance representative for further information.

For further information on how we can assist you to find the right Alarm System for you, please call us on 03 57 ALARMS

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